Corrosion Protection

The best vehicle protection products available just got better ®

Final Coat offers the most advanced corrosion protection available, the CM-4000 electromagnetic rust inhibitor. And for today's Hybrid and Electric vehicles, the same unmatched corrosion protection is now available with the Final Coat BPH-5000 hybrid module.

Benefits Of Non-Cathodic Protection

  • Proven to reduce the rate of corrosion on automotive sheet metal by up to 99.7%.
  • Total perforation protection, even when caused by stone chips and scratches.
  • Patented pulse-wave signal is harmless to you and your vehicle.
  • An environmentally friendly alternative to chemical sprays.
  • One-time installation. No inspections or reapplications required.
  • Transfers easily to your next vehicle.
  • The best corrosion warranty in the industry.

Cosmetic Rust Warranty

The Final Coat cosmetic rust warranty requires the purchase and installation of the Final Coat Electromagnetic Corrosion Protection Module (CM-4000 or BPH-5000).

Final Coat defines cosmetic rust as surface rust damage where the rusted surface area is at least 1 inch in diameter or larger

Final Coat defines paint bubbling as a paint bubble on the outside painted areas of the body panels as listed, where no bare metal or surface rust is showing and the paint is not broken, worn off, chipped, split, or missing.

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